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Monday, July 29, 2019

Whole and holes?

...but was it really easy for you to leave?

Because it wasn't for me, never was and never will be.

By now, I really couldn't figure what I want to write, or why am I writting.
Maybe this is the right time i crawl back here and begin again from square one.

Maybe now is the right time for me to talk about how my life should probably go if we never crossed path.

I stopped drinking since the day we met, but that was the very day I started being drunk.
I was never myself when we were together, I forgot what is sober.
People keep telling me that I've changed, I was in denial.

I used to drink, but never once I thought that drinking and melancholic are my sober.
I could have never written any better that when I'm broken.

I was whole when you were here, but no that you left, only holes that I got.

Maybe it is true that now is the right time for me to talk about how my life should probably go if we never crossed path.


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